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If you’re in the process of setting up a business or even home office, the best advice we can give you regarding your network computing is to consider the flexibility and scalability of a Hero Networks24 cloud solution. This allows you to deploy applications or programs on a connected server, or servers, instead of on a local PC, tablet or smart phone device that can crash at anytime. Meaning that you can have virtual computing processes running on one or many connected computers simultaneously, without the hassle and expense of maintaining several types of hardware.

Imagine all of your devices, from PC to mobile, being in sync, having access to information at any time, from anywhere. With this solution you can! You’re able to mine data online and instantly share it with others in the office. Have changes made to documents and assets while being instantly visible to everyone. Think of it like an electricity grid that many people can access and utilize on demand, except that it is servers connected through a communication network like the Internet, an intra net, a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).

With the increase in adoption of visualization, cloud storage and shared resources capabilities have become a popular option for a high level of security and mobility for businesses and contractors throughout South Africa.

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Virtual Computing with Hero Networks24 Inc.

Hero Networks24 has become  one of South Africa’s most reliable Internet Service Providers. We can provide a complete service from connectivity to cloud storage scalability, catering for both Linux and Windows servers. Remove the hassle of maintaining a large physical infrastructure and in-house team by partnering with our experts.

We provide customized solutions for small, medium and growing business owners, home offices, and even private clients wanting a robust connection for entertainment and gaming.

There are several advantages to going “cloud”, especially with Hero Networks24 to assist you every step of the way:

  • Reliable – Enjoy dynamic server migration facilitated by redundant hardware
  • Scalable – Easily scale up or down on real-time demand and requirements
  • Secure – Guard against unwanted access with built-in firewalls to secure your server
  • Safe – Daily backups save your entire virtual machine for ease of redeployment
  • Save – Reduce costs by removing the need to replace hardware every few years
  • Grow – Cater for additional loads and uptime with load-balance multiple servers
  • Fast – Allow for agility with servers that can be deployed in minutes

What Kind of Cloud Solution do YOU Need?

Do you need some help choosing what kind of solution you’re looking for? You will need to decide what level of security and management you require with your cloud deployments, this will dictate the type of service needed for your initiative (whether software, platform or infrastructure focused).

Below are 3 types of cloud-based environments:

  • Public – this is the most common model of cloud computing for the usual consumer. These services are provided in a virtualized environment facilitated by the use of pooled shared resources. This is accessible via a public network, such as the Internet.
  • Private – this is the distinct secure environment, in which only one specified client or organisation can operate. Allowing for greater control and privacy, this solution best suits enterprises that process private data or sensitive tasks, such as financial institutions.
  • Hybrid – this combines public and private options, especially pertinent for organisation’s that require some of their non-sensitive operations be on a public network – while their critical data remains on a private one.

Data Storage Backups

One of the greatest advantages of moving towards cloud computing, is the ability to backup and manage your data with ease. Instead of buying and maintaining hardware and software that relies on user-dependent responsibilities, cloud backup processes provide an automated and safe way to protect your business’s continuity. It’s essential that you mitigate the risk of data loss as much as possible, this phenomenon can prove disastrous to an organization.

Hosted Exchange

You no longer need to bear the cost of hardware and dedicated IT resources in order to maintain an on-site mail server environment for your business. Our specialists are able to get your ISP and email communication needs integrated cost effectively and to the best effect. Every organization requires specific consideration to ensure all of the elements are covered. From mail spooling, IMAP clients, content filtering, message rules and policies, as well as web-based remote access – we take care of it all while you get on with business.

The complete cloud-based solution

At HNS24, we provide a full life-cycle service, from providing your Internet connectivity, to facilitating your communications and data management. We ensure that our customers are provided with the most feature-packed and cost-efficient cloud and virtual computing solutions possible. Encouraging a seamless experience for your business or organization, we are committed to eliminating the stress and frustration of fragmented IT. Our customers’ productivity and profitability always come first.

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